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  • Plastics tube-drawing machine


    SJ45B beverage straw machine:¢Drawing machine, 45B model used for beverage, oral liquid, medical equipment, cotton swabs and other kinds of tube, the traction mode, can realize different length automatic cutting length, cutting, VVVF power-saving 40% etc..

  • Extruding machine


    ¢120 plastic extruder, the various types of replacement feeding head, die, mandrel, and suitable screws and auxiliary equipment can be soft, hard polystyrene, polyethylene, PVC, neoprene, such as rubber and plastic, sheet, rod, tube of strip, film blowing, blowing bottle production line process

  • Hydraulic Extrusion blow molding machine


    Automatic bottle blowing machine type SC65 translation mode, double station, is a set of extrusion, automatic clamping, automatic gas as a whole, pneumatic, hydraulic and computer PLC integrated automatic control as the main device, is widely used in the production and processing of various beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cosmetics, detergent, pesticide packaging and automotive hollow parts etc. Special equipment. It has a high degree of automation, safe use, convenient, has the interchangeability, the inner diameter of the bottle mouth plastic bottle production of accurate, has the advantages of good product quality, low energy consumption, long service life etc.This machine also has the advantages of compact structure, stable work, reliable, easy to operate, convenient repair, is the ideal equipment for the professional production of various kinds of plastic hollow container manufacturers.

  • Automatic detergent bottle blow molding machine


About Us

Yuhuan Shenye Plastic Machinery Factory is located in Qinggang Economic and Technological Development Zone of Yuhuan. The factory is a professional manufacturing enterprises  which with twenty years of  experience to producing hollow blow molding machine, extrusion machine, tube drawing machine equipment , and has advanced equipment for production testing, commissioning and installation, concentrate research and development, production, marketing and service in one, it not only   protect each series of plastic processing machinery to be advanced and in high-quality, but also provide quality assurance for the customers during pre-sales and after-sales. 

The Company follows the enterprise’s spirit of "integrity-based, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence quality, quality build competitive power", and always improve core competitiveness of enterprises as an important task, through the depth and detailed analysis about domestic counterparts equipment market, enable to guide the enterprise to a large-scale, fast, intelligent, static pressure and energy saving direction of the trend. The company’s products are adopted by "Wahaha" and many domestic famous enterprises.

The company adhere to the purpose of "quality first, reputation first", focus on the industry brand building and quality integrity construction. It produces high-quality products on the market and serves our customers, cultivates excellent brand, builds "win power" by quality, and constantly enhances core competitiveness to be their eternal pursuit. Meanwhile, the company focuses on brand extension and lengthens the industrial chain, tries to diversify further development to meet the needs of different levels and different customer demands. It will helps Yingli company to seek a greater space for being a bigger, stronger, longer enterprise.

Molding process of plastic extrusion machine.

Molding process of plastic extrusion machine. Plastic extruder is waste plastic "Nemesis", is a leader in plastics machinery industry, so its superiority by the user recognition. Guangdong Province Zhongshan Guzhen Walter machinery factory provides the steps of model with plastic extruder to users:

First, according to the production plan to replace mode, first find the mold, remember specifications, die mandrel, find the corresponding, complete the screw, nut, heating ring, sleeve, sealing plate, printing equipment and tools. Not on the models for responsible people to check, check whether the size of the transition sleeve and die and the combined core junction coincide.

Second, check the mandrel if with heating device is in good condition, and die, and other debris to clean up oil pollution. If it is long rust or damage should be repaired or polishing processing, then one will the machine and the mold connecting flange sheet, die, die adjusting screws, die plate, locking screws, adjust the gap between the die and mandrel.

Third, in accordance with the die body dimensions of good heating ring (thermometer thermocouple holes should be in the top position), then good heating line and thermocouple feedback line, and bearing in mind the thermocouple must be inserted in place, and remove good sizing sleeve and a vacuum box sealing plate, or profile shaping vacuum, cooling water pipe and connection mode with the molds level.

Fourth, the traction plate and cutting fixture and length fixing device for auxiliary equipment accessories, all certified only after the die intact in die and mould stripping process, screws or wrench must be good, otherwise it will damage the screwdriver or spanner, and protect the runner surface without any damage.

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